Coordinating Colors With Each Other:

What colors coordinate? Which colors look good together?

Above, is a drawing I colored. As you can see, there are a lot of colors incorporated in the coloring. There are reds, greens, oranges, blues, and browns. Those all relate well to each other.

If you have a small piece of paper, cardboard square, or index card, swatch out the colors to see if they work well together.

Examples of colors together:

Sunflower- Oranges and yellows, blacks and browns for the center part. A little red for more of a pop if you want.

You will have to find what colors coordinate, and what looks good in your mind.

With this next drawing, I wanted it to look like the season autumn. The colors reminded me a lot of the leaves in fall.


I hope this helped, but I think coordinating colors is more of what you think and not what I think. Art is always your opinions and thoughts, not someone elses. Do what makes you feel happy, and do what you love to do.






How can I get inspired? How do I end art block?

You may have art block, and have no idea what to create, and don’t know how to find a way to create.

Sometimes you may just look at an object, and a picturing comes into your mind about what to make.  You can use social media like Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, etc. too, if you are looking for ideas. When I have no clue of what to draw, I simply just go on google and look at what other people have made, and images of the object I would like to create.

The internet is a great way to get inspired, but you can also use other materials such as art books.

Every time I go to the library, I always get an art book or two. They are very helpful, and interesting to look at, and I always learn a lot from them.


What Is Art?

Art is anything from calligraphy to watercolor art.

It’s a lot of things. It can be like dance or photography, or it can be like painting and sketching. Art is pretty much anything.

Our of my favorite things to do is to watch videos on interior design, or read books about it. Interior (or exterior) design is art. It’s relating colors, shapes, and sizes to each other. Seeing what looks right together, just like art.

My favorite forms of art are photography, painting, and, of course, interior design. I find them very relaxing, and fun.

What’s your favorite form of art?


Art Subscription Boxes:

Today, art subscription boxes are getting really popular.

Art snacks, and Sketchbox, are two really popular subscription boxes mailed to your front door with all different kinds of art mediums.

I’ve looked into a lot of art and craft boxes, and Sketchbox looks like one I’d like to try sometime.

Something that I find really cool about these art boxes is that they come with a challenge along with it, and you have to try and complete the challenge.

Another thing that I find really fun about these art subscription boxes is that they come with all different kinds of art products they you may have never even heard of before.

Included with Sketchbox:

  • 5 to 10 high-quality art supplies
  • A logo sticker
  • An art piece to inspire you
  • A paper about the products, the cost of the art supplies, how they work, and of course what their called.

I haven’t gotten a subscription box before, but every person that I’ve seen, that’s gotten one, loves them.

Practice Makes Almost Perfect:




A lot of people get really frustrated with their art, because it doesn’t look perfect. Art can look really good, but It can’t always look perfect. All professional artists, din’t just magically come a professional. They practiced day and even night, went though a lot of ink and paper, and worked hard to become so good.

All art has at least one imperfect element in the piece. Mistakes, or little mess-ups make the piece true art. Nobody is “bad” at art, either. The piece may didn’t turn out how you wanted, but you can always start to practice your art. Art is where people can have fun, and be themselves. It doesn’t matter what the girl next to you thinks about your art. It matters what you think.

Some ways you can practice your art is by just practicing basic shapes like, circles, squares, rectangles, etc. and then shading them in. I find that when I do that, it really helps with art block (when you don’t know what to draw), and just practicing your art in general. Another way to practice art is to draw animals, people, things etc., in different sizes and positions.

Just remember that art is a time to have fun, be yourself, and to relax and be calm. If you are ever really stressed, or just not having the best day, you should color. Coloring calms you, and drains all your worries and stress out.





How to draw a rose:



Hello! Need help learning how to draw a flower masterpiece?

Roses are a very tricky thing to draw, and sketch. If you want a good realistic rose, get out a piece of paper and pencil, and here are three easy steps:

  • First, draw the basic shape of a rose, like the stem and the petals. The petals get smaller to larger as you keep on going out.
  • Second, sketch in the places that would look like they have a lot of depth.
  • Third, add thorns and realistic leaves for a good finishing touch.

This may have been hard to visualize, but if you go to  it will probably explain it better.

One of the most important things about sketching roses if that you have to remember to shade under the petals if you want the more realistic look.

I hope that this website helped, and my 3 important steps.

Bye! Have a wondering rest of the day.


Chameleon pens:



Last year, I came across these really cool markers on the internet. I searched what they do, peoples opinions on them, the price, techniques, everything about these markers. If you don’t know what they are, let me explain.

Chameleon pens are high-quality, achohal based, markers. The marker has two different nibs on both ends of the markers. A brush, and a bullet end.  The bullet end is really helpful for smaller, tight spaces in your drawing, and the brush nib I find easier for bigger spaces. In the middle of the marker is a mixing chamber, where you put one end of the marker in, and the color goes from lighter to darker or one color to a different color.

The markers are more expensive than standard,water- based markers but they are popular for the blending and shading.

I decided that I’d try these markers out and see how I like them, so last year I got a pack for my birthday. Ever since I have loved them. I really recommend them for people who have a lot of experience with markers. If you want to practice your marker art and coloring I’d suggest you use water- based, because water-based is so cheaper.

  • There is a 22 pack of chameleon pens for $64
  • A 52 pack for $140
  • A 5 pack for $17

Again, these are for more experienced artists, so I would not suggest to spend this much if you a beginner. I am a beginner, but I got this for a gift from my family.

They are really good markers, and I highly suggest them.