Chameleon pens:

Last year, I came across these fun-looking markers on the internet. I searched what they do, peoples opinions on them, the price, techniques, everything about these markers. If you don’t know what they are, let me explain.

Chameleon pens are high-quality, alcohol based, markers. The marker has two different nibs on both ends of the marker. A brush, and a bullet end.  The bullet end is really helpful for smaller, tight spaces in your drawing, and the brush nib I find easier for bigger spaces. In the middle of the marker is a mixing chamber, where you put one end of the marker in, and the color goes from lighter to darker or one color to a different color.

The markers are more expensive than standard, water- based markers but they are known for their blending and shading.

I decided that I’d try these markers out and see how I like them, so last year I got a pack of 22 for my birthday. Ever since I have loved them. I really recommend them for people who have a lot of experience with markers. If you want to practice your marker art and coloring I’d suggest you use water- based, because water-based are cheaper.

  • There is a 22 pack of chameleon pens for $64
  • A 52 pack for $140
  • A 5 pack for $17

Again, these are for more experienced artists, so I would not suggest to spend this much if you a beginner. I am a beginner, but I got this for a gift from my family.

They are really good markers, and I highly suggest them.


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