Practice Makes Almost Perfect:




A lot of people get really frustrated with their art, because it doesn’t look perfect. Art can look really good, but It can’t always look perfect. All professional artists, din’t just magically come a professional. They practiced day and even night, went though a lot of ink and paper, and worked hard to become so good.

All art has at least one imperfect element in the piece. Mistakes, or little mess-ups make the piece true art. Nobody is “bad” at art, either. The piece may didn’t turn out how you wanted, but you can always start to practice your art. Art is where people can have fun, and be themselves. It doesn’t matter what the girl next to you thinks about your art. It matters what you think.

Some ways you can practice your art is by just practicing basic shapes like, circles, squares, rectangles, etc. and then shading them in. I find that when I do that, it really helps with art block (when you don’t know what to draw), and just practicing your art in general. Another way to practice art is to draw animals, people, things etc., in different sizes and positions.

Just remember that art is a time to have fun, be yourself, and to relax and be calm. If you are ever really stressed, or just not having the best day, you should color. Coloring calms you, and drains all your worries and stress out.






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