My Inspiration:

The person that inspires me the most is Bob Ross.

I’ve learned about a lot of artists such as Pablo Picasso, Leonardo Da Vinci, and Vincent Van Gogh, but Bob Ross is definitely my favorite. He was a great artist, always had a positive mindset, he was very confident in his art, and I certainly cannot forgot out that hair!

The Three Main Things I Love About Bob Ross:

  • He was very confident in his work, and never gave up. Any time he messed up he’d fix it, make it better, or restart without feeling discouraged.
  • He makes scenic landscape masterpieces. My favorite thing to paint are landscapes, so that’s probably why I love his landscapes so much.
  • His hair! I really wish I was here for the 80’s. There were some pretty cool fashion trends going on, hair trends, and some fun music!

What’s your favorite artist? Your inspiration? Bob Ross is an amazing artist. If you want to learn more about him then click this link — Bob Ross



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