Pros and Cons: Gel Pens

There are a lot of pros and cons to coloring with gel pens.

I personally have always loved gel pens ever since I was very young, and still use them like crazy. I’ve always just used them for notes and writing, but you can also use them for coloring those tiny details in adult coloring books.

gel-pens-1.png (750×750)

Pros and Cons to Coloring With Gel Pens:

Pro: They are really easy to blend together.

Pro: Gel pens come in a large range of colors from Neon to Metallic.

Pro: They can get into very small details in adult coloring books. Markers, and crayons can’t.

Con: They sometimes tend to smear {especially if your a lefty like me}.

Con: They run out very fast because they are gel.

Con: You usually have to get the ink {gel} flowing, before you can start coloring.

Those were all the pros and cons! Gel pens I think are really cool, and definitely would try coloring with them sometime. They are so much fun, and very easy to use and blend!

Brands I’d recommend That I’ve Tried:

  • Write Dudes. These are the ones I am currently using, and I love them! They aren’t scratchy, pretty colors, smooth, and they last longer than some other brands out there.
  • Shuttle art is a brand that I’ve used in the past. I really loved the selection, and it had no ink leaks when I got them.

I really recommend both of these brands. I had another brand, but I forgot the name of it.

Did you like this post? Did it help? Hopefully, you can try coloring with them if you haven’t yet.

— Lena 💚💜💙


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