LOVE stationary. The markers, cute pens,  notebooks, UGH. I love to write, doodle, plan, make lists, etc. so it kinda makes since on why I like it so much.

a5_everyday_notebook_hearts_cute_2018_neon_pink_01_hero.jpg (1500×1335)img-thing (300×300)5138_personalised_markers.jpg (500×500)

My favorite writing supply are definitely pens. They are thin so it is easier to write with them. I also love stickers and markers, too.

Stationary items just make everything much more fun, like if you have to write a long boring list. You can be more creative, and put stickers, doodles, whatever on it.

My favorite website for cute stationary is (this is not sponsored)

They have the cutest markers, pencils, erasers, etc. I love the website, and honestly it’s really fun just to browse around. The products are good quality and last a long period of time.

I know this post was pretty short, but I hoped you guys liked it. I definitely think you should check out the website, because it’s a great website. Bye!



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