Shading with Pencils:

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When you are sketching out a picture, you should  sketch very lightly , so you can shade. You can always go back and make the lines darker later, but sometimes you can’t erase the dark lines without it showing on the paper. You want to make your picture have a lot of depth, and volume. What about charcoal?

With charcoal you can go as dark as you want, because you don’t ever erase.

How do you shade with charcoal,  and standard pencils?

  • First, of course, sketch gently and smoothly on the paper.
  • Second, whatever place on your sketch that you want to blend or shade you can shade with a tortillion ( blending stick ), finger, tissue, small piece of paper, etc.
  • Third, you can do touch-ups like going back will the pencil or charcoal to shade darker with more volume, and erasing what you need to erase.

I hope that I helped you a with your shading, and blending skills.

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